Lil’ Bit

Little Bit is a dog that is owned, but not previously cared for very well. On March 7th she was laying in her own yard when she was attacked by a dog that had broken it’s tether and gotten loose. A neighbor was brave enough to pull the dog off Little Bit, and another neighbor came and got the president of the rescue. The attacking dog (now at animal control) did a lot of damage.

The president of Do Good Dog Rescue was left with two choices: leave her to bleed to death or take her to our veterinary clinic. Lil’ Bit was taken to our veterinary clinic knowing the owner would not, or could not, pay the bill for the damage that was caused to this innocent animal. Do Good Dog Rescue took financial responsibility so that Lil’ Bit could at least get some IV fluids and pain medication. Later in the evening the owner surrendered Lil’ Bit into the care of Do Good Dog Rescue. Little Bit is also not spayed, has not had shots, and is heart-worm positive.

Please consider helping if you can. Little Bit is a sweet girl who had the bad luck of having owners who do not provide appropriate care. She deserves better than what she has had so far in her life. The estimate for her care is approximately $850 and does not include her heart-worm treatment. Donations for Lil’ Bit are tax deductible.

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