First determine whether the dog is engaging in friendly or serious jumping. Most dogs engage in friendly jumping as a way to greet people or play with them. However, a small percentage of dogs use jumping as a way to mak e a dominant statement to people entering their territory.

They do not just jump up to say “Hi!” They jump up and keep their paws on the person. Sometimes they place their paws on the person’s shoulders and stare. They may also growl. A dog who engages in serious jumping is generally an adult dog of a protective guarding breed.

Typically, this dog is living in an environment that promotes his dominance and territoriality. Thus, he perceives himself as the leader in the home with the responsibility of protecting his territory and rights. If your dog is engaging in friendly jumping try taking a basic obedience class, if they on the other hand are jumping out of dominance please contact a professional trainer immediately.

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