Inappropriate Chewing

All dogs, especially puppies, are going to chew and it is your job as their owner to teach them what is acceptable to chew. Some common reasons why dogs and puppies chew are boredom, teething, enjoyment (it’s fun to tear stuff up), or an inadequate or improper diet. Remember that dogs are intelligent. They are inquisitive, especially during their puppy phase. Plus, they do not have hands. Think about how often one-year-old or two-year-old children exploring their new environment touch things. A puppy is not unlike a child at this age. However, since the puppy does not have hands, he explores with his mouth. This is a very normal behavior. You are not going to stop your puppies from chewing. It is just not reasonable or realistic. The goal is not to eliminate chewing but to teach the puppy which things are appropriate to chew on.

The real key to addressing inappropriate chewing is to strongly fixate the dog on chewing the correct items. If you can get your new companion to chew on the proper items 70% more than they do right now, then logically, they are going to chew 70% less on the incorrect items. That coupled with other things like proper exercise, proper diet and making some of the unacceptable items less available and tasty to them will help make it easier for your new companion to make the correct chewing choice.


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